Solar heat gain is all about getting more out of the sun’s natural energy so you spend less on your power bill. By utilising the cutting edge technology contained in our joinery,  you can ensure an increase in your comfort while reducing your environmental footprint.

When considering aluminium windows and doors for new home builds and renovations, you should bear these benefits in mind:

Rate the gains. All of our windows and doors have a solar heat gain coefficient standard. These ratings show you how much extra heat these items provide when installed – every extra bit of efficiency means less dollars on your bill and less load on the power grid.

Harness the sun. Passive solar home design makes sense for the environment and saves dollars for the wallet. Let us show you how easy it is to harness the natural power of the sun.

Looks better for longer. Less cleaning and painting. Not only does it mean more time spent doing the things you love - it also means less impact on the environment in the long run.

Thermally Broken

If heat escapes, you pay for it. There is a black polyamide strip running through the middle of the aluminium profile of our doors and windows, which prevents heat loss outdoors. This means our aluminium joinery helps to keep your home warmer and dryer thereby reducing your energy costs.



There are many glazing options available beyond the standard clear glass predominantly used in Windows. Good glazing provides solutions to a number of issues: Heat and cold, Protection against UV rays, Privacy, Light transmission, Glare protection, Noise reduction, Condensation reduction, Security and Safety.

Glass solutions can include specialises fabrication and detailing including:

  • Single Glaze
  • Double Glaze
  • Laminated and toughened


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